Hardrock Reflection

hardrock 100, ted mahon, 2013 hardrock100

At the finish, enjoying one of the simple pleasures I long for while out on the course– a seat.

This year’s Hardrock 100 went well by nearly every measure. At the risk of making it sound routine, it was a fairly smooth day out there. And with the help of my crew/pacer team of Christy and Jesse Rickert– from the Mount Everest/Global Extremes days– I finished in 5th place, with a time of 28:19. It was my sixth time on the course and my fastest finish yet. read more>>>

Hardrock Time

ted mahon hardrock 100

We’ll see how this goes. Gone are the days when I could quietly sneak into the top-ten under the cover of night, when the crews of the front runners would continually ask Christy and Tim,”Who’s your runner?” as they all moved along the far reaches of the course crewing together. read more>>>

Mixing it Up

Dirty 30

Front runners at he start of the Dirty 30. Colleen and I started a bit further back.

[Christy here]

With pretty incredible spring snow conditions continuing in Colorado, it has actually been hard to wrap up the skiing. However, this past weekend we finally started to transition into summer, splitting our weekend 50 – 50 between running and the Centennials project. read more>>>

2013 Elk Mountains Grand Traverse

elk mountain grand traverse, gold hill, richmond ridge

Christy climbing Gold Hill.

The 2013 Elk Mountains Grand Traverse was this past weekend. As our last race of the season, we were thrilled to finish well– Christy was the first female to cross the line and we nabbed the top spot in the Coed Division. And after twelve finishes here (six as a team), our time of 9:55 was the fastest we’ve done together, and PR for Christy.


The Five Peaks

The route was modified a bit due to the weather, but the basic layout is here on the map. the climbs are green and the ski descents red, and the new section up and down Peak 6 isn't even on the map (off to the right).

The route was modified a bit due to the weather, but the basic layout is here on the map. The climbs are in light green and the ski descents red, and the new section up and down Peak 6 isn’t even on the map (off to the right). Click to enlarge.

Against our better judgement, Christy and I headed to Breckenridge to compete in the Five Peaks race.

Earlier in the week we fully declared our intentions to pass on this years race if the weather forecast looked too rough, bad weather in Breck (known to some as “Breckenfridge”) is usually colder and windier than anywhere else. Yet even though the forecast showed a sizable winter storm for race day, we still signed up. I guess our inner masochists silenced our sensible sides. read more>>>

2013 Power of Four

aspen snowmass power of four

Chris approaches the top of the Burnt Mountain climb on Snowmass.

The 3rd Annual Aspen Snowmass Power of Four Ski Mountaineering Race was this past weekend.

It’s great to see this race so popular and run so smooth. Very often new events can be disorganized and struggle to find support. Fifty-eight teams of two took on the full course (14 more did the “Power of Two” half course) in perfect spring weather, and my guess is that those numbers are only going to grow in the years to come. Continual tinkering with the course has made things a little more fun and slightly faster. If a couple more discussed changes take place next year– including a more interesting route for the last climb– the race would likely become a Colorado favorite, if it isn’t already.

Congrats to everyone who was there, particularly Max Taam and John Gaston who nabbed the win in an unbelievable 4:54– a time that’s really hard to comprehend when you consider the course is over 25 miles long and climbs more than 12,000 vertical feet. Even though the minor course modifications make the finish times hard to compare year-to-year, the gist is the same, and faster is better. read more>>>