The Christmas tree cutting ski tour– a how-to guide

christy mahon heads up towards Pearl pass

A ski tour beforehand isn’t required, but it makes the tree cutting day even more fun.

Here’s how you do it–

Zion Narrows

Sean Shean, in the Zion Narrows.

Sean, in the Zion Narrows.

The Zion Narrows– where the Virgin River cuts deep into the sandstone as it makes it way into Zion National Park. read more>>>

More from Buckskin Gulch – to the Paria River and back

Buckskin Gulch in southern utah

Lower Buckskin Gulch

The following morning, with lighter packs, we continued down Buckskin Gulch to the Paria River. It was about six miles downstream to the confluence. After a quick dunk in the river and a little playing around with quicksand, we were on our way back up the canyon. We stopped at the midway exit to grab our overnight stuff and then retraced our path to Wire Pass. read more>>>

Buckskin Gulch


Deep in Buckskin Gulch.

Buckskin Gulch has the proud distinction of being the longest slot canyon in the world. All slot canyons by definition have sections of tight narrows, but the depth and length of these narrows can vary. Some are actually quite short, often measured in yards. Others can go for longer, even as long as a mile, before it opens up and higher ground can be reaches. The narrows section of Buckskin Gulch is over 13 miles long, with only one midway entry/exit point. Eventually it joins the Paria River, and ultimately the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. read more>>>

Water Holes Canyon

Water Holes Canyon

One of the many rappels in Water Holes Canyon

Water Holes Canyon is a slot canyon just south of Page, Arizona. It empties into the Colorado River from the east, just below Glen Canyon Dam. Like Antelope Canyon, Water Holes is on Navajo land and requires permission to access. read more>>>

Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon

It was time for a fall desert trip, so a group of us headed down to Page, Arizona, with a list of canyons and slots to check out. We started with Antelope Canyon. read more>>>