Centennial Skiers on Red Bull TV

Last spring, a film crew from Red Bull joined us on a few of our Centennial Ski Project peaks. They were producing an installment for the Faces of Dav series about Chris Davenport for Red Bull TV. You can watch the finished segment above. read more>>>

Mace Peak Loop

Mace Saddle, on the Mace Peak ski loop

Cresting Mace Saddle, the high point of the loop around Mace Peak.

A week of sun and warm temps crusted up the powder in the backcountry, so we thought a different type of ski tour was in order. We grabbed the light skis and made a loop around nearby Mace Peak. read more>>>

The first turns of 2015

christy mahon backcountry skiing

Starting the new year off right.

If snowfall is any measure, it was an outstanding holiday season here in Aspen. Nearly four feet of snow fell over the two week period, and the skiing was incredible. read more>>>

Christmas at Tagert Hut

Christy Mahon at Tagert Hut

Heading out for our Christmas ski.

It’s a tradition of ours to escape the holiday season craziness in Aspen and head up to a hut on the night of Christmas Eve. This year we went to Tagert Hut, up in Pearl Basin above Ashcroft. read more>>>

The Christmas tree cutting ski tour– a how-to guide

christy mahon heads up towards Pearl pass

A ski tour beforehand isn’t required, but it makes the tree cutting day even more fun.

Here’s how you do it–

Zion Narrows

Sean Shean, in the Zion Narrows.

Sean, in the Zion Narrows.

The Zion Narrows– where the Virgin River cuts deep into the sandstone as it makes it way into Zion National Park. read more>>>